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Personal Learning
UMAT 2 Day Workshop

TWO Full Days of quality preparation from an expert educator

  • Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-Verbal Reasoning constructs covered in detail with worked examples
  • Full length practice exam under simulated UMAT test conditions
  • Invaluable UMAT type questions and tips that cannot be disclosed in online material
  • Question & Answer session
  • Strategies for maximising your performance on the day
  • Medical Interview Technique and mock interview

Those who attend the workshop and are interested in knowing how they are performing in relation to their peers will be provided with the following: their raw score, their percentile score in comparison with the nationwide UMAT cohort and their expected UMAT score. If interested, they will also be provided with an indication of their strengths and weaknesses and their likelihood of being offered a university place. Places are strictly limited. Please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please read the FAQ: Is it essential to attend a UMAT course?

Personalised UMAT Coaching

Five sessions of one-on-one, personalised UMAT coaching from an experienced tutor who has performed exceptionally well in UMAT, interviews and school. Personal tutoring allows you to build on your strengths and thoroughly work on your weaknesses. Our tutors are carefully selected and continuously assessed to ensure that they meet the quality expected from MedEntry tutors.

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10 Full Length UMAT Practice Exams

TEN of our famous full-length UMAT practice exams with fully worked solutions.

There are over 1300 questions for you to complete. Our practice exams are produced by expert test writers and simulate the UMAT. These practice exams are invaluable since it is important to become familiar with the time constraints, difficulty level and style of questions of the UMAT.

After you complete each practice exam, you have many hours of learning by reviewing your answers, discussing them and progressing through the detailed, fully worked solutions.

Receive instant feedback and percentiles upon completion of each exam. Many students find this invaluable in identifying their weaknesses. These online exams offer quality preparation to hone your skills and improve your confidence!

You also have the option to purchase a further 5 full length practice exams for even more UMAT exam practice.

Solutions to ACER Practice Questions

Some booklets of questions produced by ACER have answers, but no solutions.

You will be provided with detailed, fully-worked, high-quality solutions written by experts for these questions.

By entering your answers, you will also be able to receive an indication of how you are performing in the form of percentiles for each section.

Comprehensive Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving Construct UMAT Guide

Everything you need to know about Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving Construct of the UMAT including tips, techniques, strategies, worked examples and advice.

Comprehensive Understanding People Construct UMAT Guide

Everything you need to know about Understanding People Construct of the UMAT including tips, techniques, strategies, worked examples and advice.

Comprehensive Non-Verbal Reasoning Construct UMAT Guide

Everything you need to know about Non-Verbal Reasoning Construct of the UMAT including tips, techniques, strategies, worked examples and advice.

For those sitting the HPAT-Ulster, a detailed and comprehensive Written Communication (Visual and Verbal) module is included for your Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation.

Detailed Video Guides

Explanatory step by step video guides with detailed descriptions, tips, strategies and techniques. These guides will help you tackle particular types of questions in the Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving and Non-Verbal Reasoning constructs.

Emotions Vocabulary Game

A fun word game to help familiarise you with typical words used in the Understanding People construct UMAT questions.

General Skills UMAT Guide

Everything you need to know about the UMAT in general including tips, techniques, strategies and advice. We also provide a Speed Reading guide and a Critical Thinking guide.

Eureka! Question Trainer

Eureka is a state-of-the-art computer preparation program created by MedEntry. Written by IT experts, the program provides access to a massive number of questions for all sections of UMAT. You are only limited by the time you have for preparation.

All questions come with fully worked solutions.

Drill for every question type

Our drills for the Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-Verbal Reasoning constructs provide you with even more practice for the UMAT.

Drills contain hundreds of questions for each section to enable you to build skills, identify weaknesses and practice the principles that you have learned. In addition, every question comes with a fully worked solution. You can attempt the drills as many times as you like!

Online Learning Forums

Ask questions, discuss issues and become involved in our online community with thousands of MedEntry students throughout the world.

Engage with other students, discuss difficult questions and make new friends! Our fully searchable learning forums are a great way to learn and interact with like-minded students.

Obtain access to a historical archive of students' impressions of past UMAT exams. There are hundreds of discussion threads and thousands of comments to look through.

University Admissions Course Guide

A comprehensive, up-to-date, interactive guide on health science courses in Australia and New Zealand.

Contains information about selection procedures, admission requirements, prerequisites, quotas, course information and more! An invaluable guide for anyone considering entry into a health science course.


A fully detailed guide on the structure of the GAMSAT and how to best prepare for it.

100s of Hours of Skill Development

Our Learning Management System has exercises and tasks that help you develop the foundation skills required to tackle UMAT.

It includes hundreds of hours of preparation and study – now all you have to do is find the time!


Access to our online Learning Management System which uses the most advanced learning technology to give you convenient access to your resources anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

You will be provided with instant feedback and percentiles on all of your drills and practice exams, will be able to participate in learning forums and will be able to access our interactive Eureka! program.

You will receive instant, free updates as they become available throughout the year. Furthermore, you will be provided with access immediately once you purchase - no waiting around!

Access to the LMS is provided up until the date of the next sitting of the UMAT exam.

View more MedEntry UMAT LMS features.

Personalised Study Planner

There is a huge wealth of UMAT resources available to you on the Learning Management System - literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. One of the keys to successful UMAT preparation is time management and planning. The Personalised Study Planner has been especially designed by our team to help you plan your UMAT study effectively and keep you on track for UMAT success.

Customisable Learning Calendar

Manage your time efficiently with our online calendar where you can plan your UMAT learning timetable.

MedEntry Interview Training
Interview Guide
  • You should not go into your interview unaware of the questions that you will be asked. This popular guide includes common questions and how to approach answering them, invaluable information on interview technique and advice on how to perform at your best in the interview. It is written by a team of experts on interview technique, students who have been successful in interviews and those who have been on interview panels.
  • A must for anyone serious about entering the course of their choice!
  • Included in all of our UMAT preparation packages.
  • Note: this resource is made available via MedEntry's online, interactive, Learning Management System.
Interview Training Session
  • For those who want to do exceptionally well in their interview, MedEntry provides a comprehensive day-long Interview Training Session.
  • Interview Training Sessions will provide students with strategies and tips on how to succeed in medical or dental interviews.
  • The sessions are tailored to the particular university/course for which the student has received an offer, enabling detailed discussion of the specific questions likely to arise at that interview. The sessions are conducted in small groups of between ten to twenty students, allowing personalised feedback and interaction to occur.
  • An expert will facilitate the session and provide feedback on everything from interview technique to the intricacies of students' answers.
  • The training session is a day long program, and lunch will be provided. Interview sessions will be held in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.
  • View student endorsements for MedEntry's Interview Training Sessions.
Additional Benefits

Have your UMAT and admissions questions answered by our expert MedEntry support team. You can email us or call us at any time. We pride ourselves on our friendly staff and speedy service.

Available throughout the year.

Application Form Review Service
  • Interested in applying for medicine at UNSW, James Cook University, Auckland University or other universities which require you to submit an application?
  • It is important that these are completed effectively and in a manner that will maximise your chances of gaining a place.
  • This service enables you to gain feedback from expert application reviewers, who will check your application and make detailed suggestions. It will also help you in your interview, as interviewers often ask questions based on the application.
  • Each Application Review Service is valid for one application.
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