GRADUATE ENTRY FLAWED, Sunday Age (25 February 2007)

Melbourne university's claim that the graduate model for entry to law/medicine will reduce the pressure on Year 12 students is flawed. All it will do is to keep the pressure and uncerainty for a further three to four years, since the grade point average will be one of the criteria for entry.

A graduate entry program is also certain to increase the cost of education and hence the fees charged to patients, as has happened in the US, where it is not uncommon to find doctors with debts of up to half a million dollars by the time they graduate.

Universities receive about about $25,000 per student each year (about $8000 from the student and the rest from the government). Moving professional courses to graduate schools is a cynical move to keep students at university longer, thus increasing the university's income.

Surely when knowledge is so freely available these days, one would expect the time taken to train as a professional would reduce, not increase?