GRIST FOR THE MILL, Australian Doctor (23 September 2011)

Most people in Commonwealth countries consider a Doctor of Medicine (MD) to be the highest qualification a medical professional can obtain. In fact all Australian/UK universities require that in order to undertake an MD one must have an MBBS degree plus at least 3 years of postgraduate experience.

To make their US-style education attractive and to generate additional income, some universities are using dubious strategy of awarding Doctor of Medicine for a first degree in medicine when it should, at best, be a Masters degree (More Unis consider moving to MD, Au Dr 26/8/11).

This will surely undermine the MD degrees awarded by other Australian/UK universities. Further, such a move is contributing to the general trend of decline in the value of degrees offered by tertiary institutions. Degrees are being awarded for less effort and for shorter duration of study than in the past. It should therefore be of no surprise that degree mills are becoming popular!