MORE TO MEDICINE THAN COSTLY COURSE, The Advertiser Adelaide (27 April 2010)

MedEntry, one of the state's largest UCAT private training providers, offers preparation courses starting from almost $300, up to "diamond preparation packages" costing $1970.

There were about 13,000 Australian UCAT candidates last year. Of them, about 1100 were from SA.

According to MedEntry, about a quarter of those students completed its course, with about 80 to 90 per cent passing the UCAT.

MedEntry director said most students spent about $500 on courses, with only a few paying $1890 for the "diamond" package.

Courses include up to 100 hours or more of training, as well as practice tests, guides and interview preparation and training.

"The courses give students more motivation to study, become better thinkers, problem solvers and more efficient and active learners," Dr Edward said.

"The courses are beneficial not only for the UCAT but for SACE and university study as well." He added that of students studying medicine at the University of Adelaide, about 75 per cent took its UCAT preparation courses.