FROM CONSULT MAGAZINE (4 September 2008)

The lecturer from UCAT training group MedEntry said his company was providing a vital service that did not undermine the UCAT. "I can't understand why there is such scrutiny over UCAT training, which is basically education. Universities do all that we are criticised for, and get away with it," he said. "The Australian Council for Educational Research is also a business which has been contracted by the universities to administer the UCAT test. As an independent body … it would not be appropriate for them to also run training courses." The content of MedEntry training courses was verified by information made available by ACER and the contributions of experienced specialists. "We use various sources such as ACER's practice questions and our knowledge of similar aptitude tests used around the world," he said. "Our staff and question writers have expertise and experience in this field and attend appropriate international conferences."

MedEntry said it provided training packages for students of varying financial status and did not charge exorbitant amounts for its courses. "Apart from offering numerous scholarships, we offer discounts for financially disadvantaged students and run courses in rural areas such as Mildura". "Our most popular year-long course costs only $495. Compare this with $2000 which universities charge for a 13-week course and you will find that our courses are value for money."