EFFECTIVE TRAINING, Victorian Doctor (July 2008, P29)

EFFECTIVE TRAINING, Victorian Doctor (July 2008, P29)

Lachlan Batty raises some concerns about UCAT training. We acknowledge that there are some unscrupulous training providers out there. However, as the leading UCAT training organisation, we respond as follows: 

1. Quality and integrity: We are a nationally Registered Training Organisation and all our programs are accredited by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). 

2. Cost: Our most popular year-long course costs only $495. Compare this with $2000 which universities charge for one subject (a 13 week course) and you will find that our courses are value for money. 

3. Equity: Apart from offering numerous Equity and other Scholarships and distance prep packages, we offer over 50% discounts for financially disadvantaged students and run courses in rural areas (eg Mildura). 

4. Regulation: Our programs are regulated by VRQA. Universities are big businesses which fiercely compete with each other and operate in a commercial environment. The laissez-faire nature of universities is evident from the fact that they are the only organisations which research into and publish the obvious!

5. Effectiveness: Australian Medical Students Association's own study showed that over 70% of their members found the UCAT training to be beneficial. Over 99.3% of students feel that our holistic approach to UCAT skills training has been extremely useful. 

Ultimately the effectiveness of any service is judged by the results. Most undergraduate medical students have been through our program and over 97% of our students come through 'word-of-mouth' referrals.