UNIVERSITY'S ENTRY LOTTERY IS A MOCKERY, Medical Observer (8 February 2008)

The Dean of Sydney Medical School, Professor Bruce Robinson, admits that the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) is not a good tool for selecting potential doctors and an ‘admission lottery’ is one option being considered. However, an ‘admission lottery’ would make a mockery of the whole process because it is illogical and anti-meritorious: why bother studying? Who would want to see a graduate of Sydney medical school who got in because of luck? 

The real problem is that about 10 years ago under the misguided strategy of the then Dean Stephen Leeder, the University chose to change the entry system from school leaver entry to graduate entry. While the GAMSAT is test of (often irrelevant) knowledge, the test used for school leaver entry (UCAT) is a test of generic skills and hence a far better test. 

A properly designed school leaver entry system such as that used by UNSW or Monash is far superior. They use a multi pronged approach with UCAT, Year 12 scores and interview performance being considered for the final ranking.