Is MedEntry good for UCAT?

Is MedEntry good for UCAT?

Over the years, MedEntry has become synonymous with medical entry. This is because MedEntry provides the highest quality resources delivered by an expert and leading team of doctors, academics and psychometricians.

In 2019, the test used to select students for entry into medicine (UMAT) was replaced with UCAT. Now some people are asking, is MedEntry good for UCAT? The short answer is, yes! Here’s why.

MedEntry has extensive and quality UCAT resources

MedEntry’s expert and extensive staff has developed UCAT practice exams, subtest mocks, drills, video guides, video solutions and other UCAT resources that exceed that of any other UCAT preparation organisation.

We have an obsession with quality, and ensure every single one of our UCAT questions (of which there are thousands) exactly simulates the live UCAT. All questions are rigorously tested, original, and accompanied by detailed solutions, including video solutions. They are all delivered on a UCAT platform that exactly replicates the live UCAT, in every major and minor detail.

MedEntry has unrivalled expertise

MedEntry has been training students for medical entry for over 20 years. Over that period we have helped over 25,000 students obtain entry into medicine. That’s right, 25,000!

MedEntry has developed an unrivalled understanding of medical entry, aptitude tests including UCAT and the admissions process. Because we attend international conferences related to medical selection and item design, we have inside and big picture knowledge of UCAT. This allows us to provide unique and important information, strategies and preparation advice to help our students gain an edge over other UCAT candidates.

Our intimate knowledge of medical entry in Australia and New Zealand allows us to guide students through the whole medical entry process, including preparation for medical interviews, written applications, and university admissions.

MedEntry UCAT curriculum
Dr. Ray at Workshop

MedEntry is run by the best of the best

MedEntry’s course leaders and lecturers are composed of senior practicing doctors and academics. But we are not ordinary doctors or academics; we are the best of the best.

MedEntry’s lecturers have excelled across their careers, including obtaining 100th percentile in medical entry aptitude tests, scholarships to study medicine, medals in specialist fellowship examinations, and being published in high impact, peer-reviewed, medical and educational journals.

When you enrol with MedEntry, you can be sure you are being taught by the best. That’s why you’ll find that MedEntry is the preferred choice for the top medical school aspirants across Australia and New Zealand, so you can also be confident that you are learning with the best.

MedEntry has a unique pedagogic approach and values

One of the reasons why MedEntry has become famous over the years is because of our unique approach. Our aim is not simply to provide the strategies required to ace UCAT; we do so in a way that is fun, inspiring and motivating.

MedEntry aims to impart important skills required for success not just in UCAT, but also in secondary school, university and the workplace. That’s why you’ll find many reviews stating that our UCAT course was life changing! We are passionate about teaching these skills and educating our students for life.

But don’t just take our word for it: simply browse the hundreds of independent 5 star reviews. Our Quality Guarantee: we are so confident in the unbeaten quality of our teaching, philosophy and ethos that we offer this guarantee to you – find any educational institution with more and higher ratings on Google and Facebook than MedEntry, and we will offer our course for free!

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So, is MedEntry good for UCAT? No, MedEntry is great for UCAT!