Keyword Scanning Trainer

Keyword Scanning Trainer

2 years ago by Robert

Most students find UCAT Verbal Reasoning to be the most time pressured subtest. You will have less than 30 seconds to answer each question! An effective strategy to answer UCAT Verbal Reasoning questions correctly is keyword scanning. This involves identifying keywords that appear in the question stem, and scanning the text for them. Reading around the keywords can help you to quickly locate the information required to answer the UCAT question.

MedEntry has developed an exclusive Keyword Scanning Trainer, which will help you to train your brain to quickly identify keywords in a passage of text.

To use the trainer, select the number of keywords you would like to scan for, and click 'Display Passage'.

A passage and a series of keywords will appear:


Then, find and click on the keywords you have identified in the passage:


Once you have found all of the keywords, or the time limit has expired, the remaining keywords will be circled:


Additionally, the system will generate a score to grade your performance, based on your speed, and the number of words found. Challenge your friends or try to beat your personal best!

Just another way MedEntry helps students to prepare for UCAT in an engaging, fun and effective manner.

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And we have more in development!

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