LMS Update - New Highlighter

LMS Update - New Highlighter

5 years ago by Rob

We have recently made some changes to the highlighter feature in our drills and exams, to make it slightly more useful!

Firstly, you will now need to click on the highlighter to be able to highlight text:

Afterwards, you will then notice the new highlighter cursor appears, meaning you are in “highlighting mode”:

Now, simply click on the question and drag your mouse, release the mouse, and the text will be highlighted! You can exit the highlighter by pressing the escape key, or by re-clicking the highlighter icon.

The eraser can be used in the same way – simply click on the eraser icon, and click on any highlighted text, to erase the highlights.

We have also added the ability to highlight text in the pop-out group stimulus (when you are in highlighting mode, the pop-out stimulus will not be draggable):

Any highlights that you make to a group stimulus will now be retained across all questions in the group.

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