New difficulty levels added to MedEntry’s Venn Diagram Trainer!

New difficulty levels added to MedEntry’s Venn Diagram Trainer!

2 years ago by Robert

MedEntry’s exclusive Venn Diagram Trainer makes it easy for you to master Venn diagram questions in the UCAT Decision Making subtest.

The trainer displays a Venn diagram and 5 timed questions (each to be completed within 30 seconds). Afterwards, the answers are displayed, along with explanations showing the appropriate shaded Venn diagram regions.

To use the trainer, select the difficulty level you would like to attempt:

Difficulty level

Maximum value in regions




Circle, square, triangle, rectangle



Circle, square, triangle, rectangle



Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, octagon

Five questions will then appear relating to a Venn diagram:

Once you have answered all of the questions, or the time limit has elapsed, shaded solutions are displayed:

MedEntry has several other skills trainers available to help our students gain a competitive advantage over other UCAT candidates:

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  • UCAT Verbal Reasoning speed reading trainer
  • UCAT Verbal Reasoning keyword scanning trainer

With more in development!

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