Sample Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) question

5 years ago by Rob

An example Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) question:

Imagine you are the principal of a large, respected school. There has been an allegation that a humiliating film of a young disabled person has been circulating on the Internet. Two final year students are up before you to explain their actions in the creation of the video. The video appears to show a young person with intellectual impairment being verbally abused by one of the students whilst a group of senior students look on laughing. What are the issues that you, as the principal, are likely to consider both before and at a disciplinary hearing?


Aim of the MMI question:

It aims to get candidates thinking about discrimination issues. It challenges them to think about the importance of privacy and the ways in which privacy can be violated. It aims to explore the consequences of one’s actions on others. However, there is also the very real possibility that this was a genuine film made collaboratively to educate young people about discrimination against disabled people, which has been taken out of context.


Prompt MMI questions:

1.   How would you go about establishing the facts of the case?

2.   What might be the impact of this case for the disabled young person?

3.   What underlying reasons would you give for recommending the two final year students are suspended from school?

4.   What might your reaction be if the incident turned out to be a misunderstanding, such as if the senior students and the disabled young person had made a film about discrimination against disabled people?

5.   How could you use this incident to raise awareness around disability discrimination in the school?

List of skills and behaviours

(Marked on a scale of 1–5, where 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = satisfactory, 2 = Poor, 1 = unsatisfactory)


A good MMI interviewee would:

1.  Seek to establish the facts to ensure fairness.

2.  Demonstrate an awareness of the situation from a range of perspectives.

3.  Be able to justify how he or she would balance conflicting interests.

4.  Appreciate the need for students to consider the consequences of personal behaviours.

5.  Be able to draw lessons from the experience to inform future learning.

Total mark: out of 25

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