Sitting UCAT in 2022? Here's What's Coming For You

Sitting UCAT in 2022? Here's What's Coming For You

1 year ago by Rob

MedEntry has been busy adding new features, resources and services to provide our students with the highest quality and most comprehensive UCAT preparation program.

Here’s what’s coming for students sitting UCAT in 2022:


Even more high quality UCAT questions

MedEntry has a reputation for crafting the most accurate and high quality UCAT questions. Questions exactly replicate the style of UCAT and are accompanied by comprehensive solutions.

2022 MedEntry students will gain access to a UCAT platform which has more UCAT questions than any other provider, in the form of:

  • >20,000 UCAT questions
  • >20 UCAT exams
  • >40 UCAT subtest mocks

Questions are continually being added to MedEntry’s platform, and 2022 students will be provided with updates instantly as they occur, throughout the year. With so many UCAT questions, you’ll never run out of practice!


A brand new, innovative, personalised learning platform

With an expert, in-house team of programmers and IT specialists, MedEntry is in the process of creating the most innovative and personalised UCAT learning platform available. This AI-driven platform guides you through the whole process of medical entry, learning from you and recommending specific learning resources to boost your UCAT performance. This ensures that your UCAT preparation is efficient, effective, and most importantly, fun!

The new online learning platform will be intuitive, fresh and engaging.


Even more skills trainers

Since its establishment over two decades ago, MedEntry has been the pioneer in making medical entry and UCAT preparation enjoyable. We have developed a range of innovative skills trainers which help students to hone important UCAT skills in a enjoyable and engaging manner.

Students have access to 7 unique trainers across all four cognitive UCAT subtests, with even more in the pipeline!


Even more video solutions

MedEntry is renowned for creating comprehensive, detailed solutions that demonstrate to students exactly how to approach each UCAT question in the quickest and most effective way. Many questions are better demonstrated with a video which exactly outlines the approach that students should take. MedEntry students already have access to a wealth of video solutions, with more on the way.


Subtest walk-throughs

MedEntry students will soon gain access to subtest walkthroughs by expert tutors who have scored 99th percentile (the highest possible score) in UCAT. These walkthroughs will demonstrate to students how the highest performers approach the UCAT exam, including how to manage time effectively and answer questions efficiently.


Virtual tutoring

MedEntry now offers one-on-one, personalised tutoring from the comfort of your home. This service is available anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and across the world. Tutors have all achieved 99th percentile in UCAT and are experienced UCAT educators. If you need a boost to your preparation and personalised guidance, you can add this service onto any UCAT package.


…along with everything else you expect

2022 UCAT students will also enjoy all the other features of the online platform, including:

  • A structured, comprehensive curriculum with video instruction
  • An interactive study planner with progress tracking and reminders
  • Comprehensive, detailed feedback allowing you to target your preparation
  • Access to the MedEntry App so you can practice for UCAT anywhere, any place, any time

MedEntry students also enjoy:

  • 24/7 support for any matter relating to UCAT preparation, interviews and medical entry
  • UCAT and interview workshops run by the world’s leading medical entry expert, Dr Ray
  • Weekly UCAT classes in small groups, allowing collaborative learning
  • And more!

So what are you waiting for?


Start Your UCAT Prep

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