Tips for UCAT Multiple Choice Questions

1 year ago by Robert

Multiple choice questions are much harder than they seem. Even though they give you the correct answer as one of the choices, selecting it amongst the others can sometimes be quite difficult. The UCAT consists of only multiple choice questions so if you learn how to ace this type of question, it will help you maximise your UCAT score. The following tips will not only benefit you in the UCAT, but in any other multiple choice questions that you may face at school/uni.

  • ANSWER EVERY QUESTION: For UCAT you have a 1 in 4 or 5 chance of selecting the correct answer. If you reach a question that troubles you and you feel like you may be wasting valuable time, don’t just leave the question blank, try making an educated guess by eliminating at least one option and flagging the question before moving in case you don’t have time to return to it later.
  • READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY: The way the multiple choice questions and answers in UCAT are worded can sometimes seem ‘tricky’. They may ask you to choose the ‘best’ answer, the ‘most accurate’ answer or even the ‘incorrect answer’! Make sure you are clear about what the question is asking of you before you go on to the answer choices so that you know what you are looking for.
  • READ ALL ANSWER OPTIONS: Make sure you read all of the answer options before making your final decision. If you think one answer is right, you may find from reading the others that it is not actually the best answer to the question. If you don’t read all of the options you may miss the correct answer and this could significantly affect your UCAT score.
  • BE CAREFULL OF CHANGING YOUR MIND: Second guessing yourself can turn into a vicious circle. If you want to change your answer you should do this only after careful consideration of the question.
  • DON’T WASTE TIME ON QUESTIONS: If you are troubled by a particular question don’t spend too much time on it (you may confuse yourself even more). Make an educated guess (by eliminating at least one option) based on what you already know about it, flag the question and then move on. Once you have cleared your mind by answering different questions, you can return to the question you had trouble with.
  • There is an abundance of UCAT practice questions available to help you master the UCAT multiple choice questions.