UCAT Speed Reading Trainer Launched!

UCAT Speed Reading Trainer Launched!

2 years ago by Robert

When sitting the UCAT, you will have an average of less than 30 seconds to answer each question. Therefore, increasing your reading speed is an essential skill to develop, particularly in the Verbal Reasoning subtest. 

Two common causes of slow reading include subvocalization (or reading words aloud in your mind) and reading each word individually. To read quickly, you need to avoid subvocalization, and engage in ‘chunking’, which involves reading multiple words simultaneously. 

MedEntry has developed an exclusive UCAT Speed Reading trainer that helps you to reduce subvocalization, helps you ‘chunk’ and significantly increases your reading speed.

You can set the number of words to appear simultaneously, and the speed at which you wish to read. When you click ‘begin’, the words will appear:

The passages that you will be exposed to in MedEntry’s UCAT Speed Reading trainer are similar to the passages you will encounter in the UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest.

Other exclusive UCAT skill development trainers that MedEntry has developed include our Calculator Keypad Trainer and QR Arithmetic Trainer. Current MedEntry students can access these trainers on the Skills Trainers and Community Pages of the Online Learning Platform.

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