UCAT test tips from MedEntry UCAT Prep

1 year ago by Robert

Tips for the actual exam: MedEntry UCAT Course Tips

  • Pace yourself as you go. If you find yourself losing focus in the last subtest think “finish strong” rather than “I’m almost out of here”. Don’t allow yourself to switch off until that final answer is filled in. Never give up until the computer screen closes!
  • Don’t change your answers without good reason, only change them when you’ve reviewed the whole problem and discovered a mistake. For example, “this answer can’t be A, the last two were A” and “it can’t be this one, it’s too easy” are not good reasons to change your answer.
  • Don’t waste too much time on any one question. If a question is taking too long, don’t be stubborn, let it go – take an educated guess, flag the question and come back to it if you have time.
  • Don’t go so fast that you give the right answer to the wrong question – always re-read the question to ensure you are giving the answer it is asking for. Writing down the key parts of a question on the noteboard helps you focus on what it is asking.
  • Practice using simulated UCAT platform provided by MedEntry just as in the actual UCAT test.
  • If you haven’t managed your time well and you find yourself running out of time with a few questions still to answer, attack the simplest questions and always make educated guesses.