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What does MedEntry provide?

MedEntry's approach is holistic. We realise that entering a health science course involves much more than simply doing well in high school or university. We guide students through the whole process – providing information on university admissions procedures, training students for the UCAT and helping students tackle interviews.

MedEntry's products and services include:

The resources provided by MedEntry are much more challenging than those provided by others. Some other courses last only one to three days - MedEntry's lasts for up to 12 months. Since our course is by far the most popular, more able and motivated students enrol in our courses, so students have the unique opportunity to interact with more students on online forums and at the UCAT Course, thereby enhancing their thinking skills.

We realise that most of our students are in university and are very busy. Our program is comprehensive and focussed on UCAT, which means you do not need to do any other preparation.

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