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How does the MedEntry Academic discount work?

This discount is available only for students who demonstrate outstanding Statewide, Nationwide or International achievement in academic or intellectual endeavours. Examples include medals in Science Olympiads, ICAS high distinctions/medals, university medals, Premier's Awards, HSC All Round Achievers Awards, perfect (or near perfect) ATAR. 

Evidence of the achievement(s) should be sent to (Please do not waste time and money in sending by Registered or Express Post: normal post will do):  Scholarships Officer, MedEntry UCAT Prep, PO Box 445, Fawkner, Vic 3060, Australia  (or scan and email to

Note: School-based awards or awards for sporting/cultural/musical achievement will not be accepted for this discount.
This discount is only available for the Platinum package. This discount cannot be obtained retrospectively (i.e. after the student has enrolled and paid).

If you are awarded this discount, you will pay only $295 rather than $795 (over 60% off).

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