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What scholarships/discounts does MedEntry provide?

MedEntry has a commitment to helping those from disadvantaged and under-serviced backgrounds (such as those of low socio-economic status and those from rural or remote areas) to achieve their goals. We have provided over $1,200,000 of scholarships and discounts to such students over the years.

MedEntry offers various discounts: 

  • Group discount. Simply apply as a group of two or more, and all group members will receive a discount of over 30%!
  • Teacher/Principal/Lecturer/Professor Nominated Scholarship. This scholarship is available to students who are nominated by their current or past teacher, careers counsellor, principal, lecturer or professor. Discount of over 60%. You will only pay $295 for the Platinum package.
  • MedEntry Academic scholarship. This scholarship is available to those who demonstrate outstanding statewide, nationwide or international achievement in academic or intellectual endeavours. Discount of over 60%. You will only pay $295 for the Platinum package.
  • Last year's student discounts. This discount applies to students who enrolled in a MedEntry package in the previous year.
  • Health Professional Nominated Scholarship. This scholarship is available to those who are recommended by a health professional (Doctor, Pharmacist, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Nurse, Dietitian, Optometrist etc). Please note that the person recommending cannot be your relative. Scan and email the letter and you will only pay $295 for the Platinum package (over 60% off).
  • Discounts for students who attend our Courses in rural towns and smaller cities such as Darwin, Launceston, Newcastle, Wollongong, Dubbo, Geelong, Bendigo, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay, Armidale, Sale, Mildura, Alice Springs, Whyalla, Mount Gambier, Wellington and Christchurch. These students obtain the extra 5 practice exams (worth $150) free when available.

Please read the information below for more information on each of these discounts.

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