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Why doesn’t MedEntry offer two year deals?

MedEntry does not believe in 'two year deals' for several reasons:

  • A one year program is sufficient if you are in Year 12. We believe in the efficacy of our program.
  • If you are in Year 11, we strongly recommend you do not purchase a two year program and lock yourself in. Why purchase a two year package when you do not know the quality of the materials?
  • We are so confident in the quality of our services that we know you will come back to us in the event that you need to re-enrol in a UCAT course. Those who offer two year deals do so because they know students will not come back to them, due to the poor quality of their services.

Note that if you wish to re-enrol in a MedEntry course for another year, we offer a substantially discounted price for last year's students.

Access to MedEntry's materials is from the date of purchase through until the UCAT in late July. If you enrol in early August (straight after the UCAT) when you are in Year 11, you will have access to the materials while you are in both Year 11 and Year 12.

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