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How do I form a group?

You'll need to purchase a Platinum package for groups. Once your purchase is finalised and your account is activated, you can form a group.

If you have selected EFT, Cheque or Money Order, there is a waiting period for the payment to be processed before your package is activated. You will not be able to form or join a group until your payment is processed.

To form a group:

  1. Log into your MedEntry account
  2. On the ‘My MedEntry’ page, click ‘Groups’
  3. Select ‘Form a new group’
  4. Enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite to your group. You need to invite a minimum of one friend.
    • NOTE: You must enter the exact email address that the person has used to register with MedEntry.
  5. Once all email addresses have been added, click ‘Submit’

The members you have invited will receive an invitation via email to join your group.

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