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My friends are in a group already - how can I join their group to get the group discount?

In order to join your friends who have already purchased the Platinum package for groups:

  1. Your friend must invite you via email to join their group, using your EXACT MedEntry registered email address
  2. Purchase a Platinum package for groups. You can add extra items to your cart without affecting the group (e.g. extra 5 exams)
  3. Click the Groups button
  4. Click the Join an Existing Group button and enter the group number sent to you in the invitation email.

NOTE: You can only join a group if your registered email address is identical to the email address used to invite you to the group.

If you haven't purchased a Platinum package for groups, you won't be able to join the group.

Please note that group discounts cannot be obtained retrospectively, that is, if you purchase the standard Platinum package and later find a group, you will not be able to obtain a group discount / refund.

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