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What help does MedEntry provide for interviews?

The MedEntry Team has extensive interview expertise and knowledge of the types of questions likely to arise at each university, which we use to provide you with focussed training.

Our interview guide comes with all of our packages, or can be purchased separately. It is packed with information on interview technique, common themes in health science interviews and how to tackle specific questions that will be asked.

Students attending a UCAT workshop will have an afternoon of interview preparation to get them started. Remember, interviews cannot be 'crammed' for; you need to start thinking about them and developing skills early.

MedEntry also offers a Medical Interview Training bundle. This includes an interview Strategy Day with Dr Ray, that covers interview technique, common interview questions and key interview strategies. It also includes a full length mock interview, tailored to a specific university/course, since each university has a unique interview style and set of questions. You will also gain access to exclusive resources relating to your chosen university/course. There is an option to enrol in additional mock interviews.

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