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Our Recommended Program

  • Our Online Package is comprised of a vast online bank of materials called the Online Learning Platform. It includes 20 full-length practice exams, guides, drills and other resources. It is the core of all three packages offered.
  • Our Diamond Package is our most comprehensive package. It includes the features of the Platinum Package as well as personalised training. This includes UCAT coaching with one of our MedEntry Tutors, a Medical Interview Strategy Day, a Tailored Mock Interview with Feedback, and an Application Form Review Service.

The Platinum package is our most popular program by far: 72% of our students choose the Platinum; 19% choose the Diamond and 9% choose the Online. Weekly Classes is our other popular additional service most students choose to enrol in.

The Weekly Classes are ideal for students who would benefit from motivation and encouragement in what can be a difficult and complicated process. These weekly classes can be attended from the convenience and comfort of your own home. Any missed classes will be available to review on MedEntry's Online Platform.

The above standard MedEntry packages expire at the end of the following July-August after purchase (at the end of the next UCAT testing period) regardless of date of purchase, but the interview component on the Online Platform will be available until the end of January after your UCAT. If you are interested in extended access, please see our multi-year access packages.

Whatever package you enrol in, we look forward to helping you succeed in the UCAT.

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For students who are not yet in their final year of schooling, we recommend starting with the Online Package. This provides an overview and allows students to work at their own pace. When they reach their final year of schooling, we recommend either the Platinum package (suitable for the vast majority of students) or the Diamond package.

This can now be done with a single purchase through MedEntry's multi-year discount packages.

A last year’s student discount applies to any consecutive years purchase.

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For students who are in their final year of schooling, and are sitting the upcoming UCAT exam, we recommend the Platinum Package or Diamond package. The MedEntry UCAT workshop included in these packages highlights important strategies and techniques.

Please see our FAQ: Is it essential to attend the UCAT workshop? under "UCAT Workshops".

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MedEntry now offer UCAT workshops online as interactive webinars, so please consider purchasing a Platinum Package if you would like to attend the workshop. For those who are unable to attend the MedEntry UCAT workshop, we recommend the Online Package.

Please see our FAQ: Is it essential to attend the UCAT workshop? under "UCAT Workshops".

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  • Weekly Classes and Intensive Classes: For students who need a bit more motivation and guidance, these classes will assist you in formulating and executing your plan to tackle the UCAT. You will obtain exclusive access to MedEntry webinars (online seminars) with small class sizes. Webinars are run by expert educators and cover all five subtests of UCAT. They are highly interactive, giving you an opportunity to ask questions in real time and discuss questions you find difficult. In addition, you will have access to all past webinar recordings. This is an invaluable, regular tuition service. The Weekly Classes Package can be purchased with your package initially (at a discounted rate) or separately later on.
  • Personalised, Face to Face Tutoring: For those wanting a more personalised service, the Diamond Package offers one-on-one tutoring, an interview training bundle and an application review service. If you initially choose the Online or Platinum Package, it is possible to upgrade to a Diamond package at any time before the exam date.
  • Virtual tutoring: this service is available for Online and Platinum package students, and is available worldwide.

All students receive support from the MedEntry team and are able to contact MedEntry for guidance at any stage.

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