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How can I pay?

All products can be ordered via this website. Before you purchase any products, you will need to register with us and login. Then simply browse our products and click ‘purchase’. This will add the item to your shopping cart. When you ‘checkout’, you will be taken to a page that provides instructions on how to complete your purchase.

You can order your products online by any of the following means:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Personal Cheque
  • Money Order from Australia Post
  • Bank Cheque
  • Internet banking
  • Cash payment into MedEntry's bank account at any Bank
  • Payment at our Head Office in Melbourne
  • Payment in cash at the workshop venue on the day of the UCAT Course.


Credit/Debit Card

If you pay by Credit/Debit Card, the service providers' name will be shown as "MedEntry" on your card statement.


Cheque / Money Order /Bank Cheque

If you are sending a cheque or money order, please write the MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx) on the back of the cheque/money order. You will receive the MedEntry order number once you complete your order. 


Cash payment at the workshop venue on the first day of the UCAT Course. Please note that cheques, credit cards or other payment methods are NOT accepted at the workshop venue. You can also make payments in person at our head office in Melbourne.


Internet or online banking/Electronic Funds Transfer/Cash deposit

If you pay by electronic funds transfer, your order will normally be activated within two business days. If it is not activated, please send us an email with the student's name and MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx). MedEntry's account details are as follows:

Name of account holder: MedEntry

BSB Number: 063237

Account Number: 10202957

Reference/Description: Please write here your MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx).

Name of Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Address of Bank: 46 Bonwick St, Fawkner, Vic 3060, Australia

If you are making payment at a bank, please make sure you tell the bank staff to include your MedEntry order number in the reference field while making the deposit, so that we can reconcile your order. Delays occur because customers often fail to do this. Bank Tellers are busy people with lots of things to remember. Therefore, before completing the above transaction, please ask the bank teller this question: "Have you included the six digit number I gave you in the Reference field?"


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