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I have purchased a MedEntry package but I am unable to access the resources on the online platform.

This can occasionally occur due to a failure of communication between the MedEntry shop and our payment gateway (Eway), usually because the purchase process took too long and ‘timed out’. To rectify this issue, please:

  1. Confirm that payment has left your account and ideally take a screenshot of the transaction.
  2. Email MedEntry (ideally with a screenshot of the transaction) informing us that you have purchased but are unable to access the resources. Please include which package and add-ons you were trying to purchase. *
  3. MedEntry will rectify the issue and provide you with access to your resources.
    * If possible, please also include in your email what operating system you were using (eg. Windows or Mac), which browser, and whether you were using a desktop or mobile device. This will help our IT team investigate the issue further.
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