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Do I need to sit the UCAT?

You will need to sit the UCAT if you are interested in any of the following university courses:

  • Monash University (Medicine)
  • University of Adelaide (Medicine, Dental Surgery)
  • University of Newcastle/University of New England (Medicine)
  • University of New South Wales (Medicine)
  • University of Western Sydney (Medicine)
  • University of Queensland (Medicine - conditional entry, Dental Science)
  • University of Tasmania (Medicine)
  • University of Western Australia (Medicine, Dentistry)
  • Curtin University (Medicine)
  • University of Auckland (Medicine)
  • University of Otago (Medicine, Dental Surgery)

You also need to sit the UCAT if you wish to enter Medicine or Dentistry at the two universities in New Zealand (Auckland and Otago).

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