Frequently Asked Question

Is it essential to attend a UMAT Workshop?

We encourage you to attend a UMAT Course even if you have to travel a long distance. Many students from other cities, interstate and overseas attend our UMAT Courses as well, because of a wide range of benefits.

For example:

  • in addition to reading, it is beneficial to hear from an expert to reinforce the content;
  • interaction with other like-minded students will help develop your thinking
  • the UMAT Course provides networking opportunities with motivated and able students from various schools in your city, other states and overseas;
  • it will significantly boost to your motivation;
  • some inside knowledge/ information is provided in the UMAT Course which is not available elsewher
  • numerous UMAT sample questions and efficient, effective and elegant ways of arriving at the answer will be discussed
  • the skills learnt in the UMAT Course will be invaluable for high school/uni study in addition to UMAT.

Students say that they learn how to use the LMS efficiently and effectively in the MedEntry UMAT workshop. Invest in your future by enhancing your thinking skills.

At the UMAT Course you will also be given the opportunity to sit a trial UMAT exam under simulated conditions, based upon which you will receive predicted UMAT scores. Students find this information extremely valuable in planning their UMAT preparation, including which sections to focus on.

Examples of students’ comments:

“I am a visual/auditory learner, so hearing different strategies helped me a lot.

“The course is very group oriented, requiring much audience preparation, anticipation and participation, enabling all students to pitch in, in a ‘no-pressure’ environment and hear/share their ideas/opinions.”

If you think of UMAT, think MedEntry!