Frequently Asked Question

Why are there conflicting opinions on the usefulness of UMAT Preparation?

You may find opinions expressed on forums and by some organisations that UMAT preparation may not help. They are mainly from:

  • ACER, which administers UMAT and therefore has a vested interest in ensuring that students don't prepare, for several reasons (for example, their job becomes harder if students prepare; possibility of legal challenges; all psychological tests involve deception).
  • Careers teachers, who are cajoled by ACER to promote their "Prep may not help" myth.
  • Universities, which also have a vested interest in claiming that UMAT and interview preparation may not help (which is hypocritical, since universities coach students for aptitude tests and interviews at assessment centres for jobs).
  • Individuals who may have done a poor quality preparation course and/or may not have done the work required and therefore may not have got into medicine.
  • Individuals who feel strongly that all education should be free, and hence are opposed to UMAT preparation. These naive people fail to recognise that universities obtain about $30,000 per student per year (most of it from the tax payers).
  • Individuals who are uncritical and are 'sucked in' by ACER's propaganda.
  • Individuals who may have done well in UMAT without preparation. What they don't realise is that if they had done good quality preparation, they would have obtained an even higher score (even in 100th percentile, there is high end, and low end of 100th percentile), which could have enabled them to gain a scholarship to study medicine.
  • Students who do not want to admit that they have done UMAT Preparation for various reasons (such as wanting to appear 'smart', i.e. obtained a high score even without preparation).
  • Students who do not want to admit that they are doing UMAT Preparation in order to reduce their 'competition'. An example comment from a student: "MedEntry is my secret weapon for gaining a better UMAT score. I want to be against less people who know what they are doing."
  • Students who think they know 'short-cuts' to UMAT Preparation, using 'free' resources on the internet. These 'know-it-alls' seem to get a kick out of offering free advice on forums (unfortunately their advice is often misleading).
  • Competitors who offer preparation services, and criticise MedEntry UMAT preparation for their own benefit.
  • The 'research' published showing UMAT Preparation may not help is done by those who are funded by ACER and they don't declare this conflict of interest.

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