Frequently Asked Question

Why is there contradictory information from ACER regarding the value of UMAT training?

Over the years, ACER has dramatically changed their stance regarding the value of preparation for UMAT.

When UMAT started in the early 1990s, ACER did not provide ANY information regarding the test, not even a single example question, and no information regarding the types of questions and number of sections in the test. In the following years, they provided one sample question from each section, and gradually began providing more information and practice questions. ACER has changed its stance from stating that training is of no help, to admitting that training is useful. In the future, it is likely that ACER will go the way of many similar testing organisations in the US, and encourage training for UMAT by providing further resources.

ACER's stance on training in 1998: ACER Information Booklet 1998, page 3: "Training and practice in the test items is neither necessary nor advantageous. Accordingly, sample questions will not be made available prior to the test sessions." Not a single practice question provided to candidates.

ACER's stance on training in 2011: ACER website 2011: "As with any test, some practice in answering questions of a similar type, and under similar time constraints as those found in the real test is helpful and reassuring to most candidates." Two full length practice exams available for sale to candidates.

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