Online Learning Platform - Testpage 2

Online Learning Platform - Testpage 2

The #1 UCAT Online Platform

 Structured Curriculum
 Video Instruction
 Personalised Adaptive Feedback
 High Quality Practice Questions
 Included in all of our UCAT Packages

All delivered via our state-of-the-art software that exactly simulates the live UCAT test day experience!

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Learn and master the thinking skills tested in the UCAT

Our new platform is ready with exams, drills and questions to get you prepared.

  • Practice the five UCAT question subtests using MedEntry's online platform that exactly simulates the live UCAT test day experience.
  • Guides, video guides and solutions show you exactly how to approach each question in UCAT. This will ensure you will see real progress as you work through the resources.
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We're famous for a reason

MedEntry has become synonymous with medical entry due to our commitment to providing the highest quality resources, structured learning curriculum, performance analysis and tailored feedback. We have engineered intelligent systems to analyse your answers, compare them against the UCAT cohort, provide detailed feedback and recommend preparation strategies to boost your future performance.

Personalised Training

Every student is different: we believe training is only useful when it is tailored to the individual. Our platform learns about you as you progress with continual and adaptive analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and how you are performing compared to everyone else. Using this information, it makes suggestions on where you should focus your future efforts.

Structured Learning

MedEntry's decades of psychometric teaching experience has enabled us to craft a structured UCAT curriculum underpinned by pedagogic principles. We guide you through text and video based learning modules to ensure you're 100% ready for the UCAT exam.

Instant Access, Anywhere!

With MedEntry you'll be able to access your UCAT materials anywhere, anytime and any place. Whether you're at home, at school or on the bus you can access and use the LMS from your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. All you need is an internet connection and you're good to go!

UCAT curriculum

Learn from the Experts

MedEntry's has develoepd a structured UCAT curriculum to enhance your learning using our vast experience in training for psychometric tests for medical entry. We don't just throw a bunch of questions at you and expect you to learn: we provide you with detailed instruction based on pedagogic principles to ensure you learn the fundamentals of each UCAT question type.