Intern and HMO Interview Training

Intern and HMO Interview Training

Interview training for Internship & HMO positions

You've got through medical school and are now trying to get into an internship position at a teaching hospital, or you've completed internship and are aiming for a house medical officer (HMO) or resident position. These are competitive processes with many more applicants than available places.

See you on the other side

Our interview trainers have been through the process, and are successful specialists, surgeons and general practitioners. This experience and knowledge of the process, coupled with our expertise in interview technique, will provide you with expert guidance on improving your performance. We provide a full mock interview and detailed, personalised feedback.

Available training areas

Interview training sessions are available to medical students or practising doctors applying to:

  • Internship
  • House / Resident Medical Officer
  • Dentists wishing to enter specialist training programs
  • General medical and surgical registrar positions

Anywhere around Australia & New Zealand

Face to face interviews are available in Melbourne and occasionally other selected cities, and skype/phone interviews are available.

If you would like a session arranged urgently, please ensure you also contact us directly.


Each session is One-on-One and includes a mock interview and feedback session, and runs for approximately two hours.