Online Learning Platform

State-of-the-art Technology

MedEntry's online platform (Learning Management System) is a sophisticated and interactive online system using the latest learning technology that is focussed specifically on the UMAT. The entire system has been built with laser like focus on the UMAT and how best to learn for this exam.

Personalised Training

MedEntry's philosophy is that training should be tailored to you. Everyone is different: MedEntry's smart platform learns about you as you work and changes accordingly: your strengths, your weaknesses, how you're doing compared to your cohort, where you should focus your future efforts.


Sounds Good?

The UMAT Online Learning Platform can be purchased as a standalone product (Online Learning Package) or included as part of a package with face-to-face teaching (Platinum or Diamond package)

Feedback That Matters

Instant feedback - as soon as you finish your exam or drill, you'll get a detailed breakdown of how you are doing compared to the nationwide MedEntry cohort. And because MedEntry is by far the largest provider of UMAT training, the percentiles you receive are as accurate as you'll find anywhere.

Instant Access, Anywhere Access

As soon as payment is made (instantly if by credit card), you'll get access to our massive world of UMAT training - no waiting around!

You'll also be able to access your materials anywhere, anytime and anyplace. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop - all you need is an internet connection! You will receive instant updates as they become available throughout the year.

Access to the LMS is provided up until the date of the next sitting of the UMAT exam.

Up-To-Date & Premium Resources

MedEntry has our finger on the UMAT pulse - remember, we are the UMAT specialists and it's the ONLY test for which we prepare. The UMAT changes from year to year, and we update our resources accordingly. Beware of hand-me-down or static UMAT preparation!

UMAT Resources Galore

The following resources are accessible on the LMS.

TEN of our famous full-length UMAT practice exams with fully worked solutions.

There are over 1300 questions for you to complete. Our practice exams are produced by expert test writers and simulate the UMAT. These practice exams are invaluable since it is important to become familiar with the time constraints, difficulty level and style of questions of the UMAT.

After you complete each practice exam, you can continue learning by reviewing your answers, discussing them with others in the forums and progressing through the detailed, fully worked solutions.

Receive instant feedback and percentiles upon completion of each exam. Many students find this invaluable in identifying their weaknesses. These online exams offer quality preparation to hone your skills and improve your confidence! You also have the option to purchase a further 5 full length practice exams for even more UMAT exam practice.

Our drills for sections 1, 2 and 3 provide you with even more practice for the UMAT, and for each question type within each section.

Drills contain hundreds of questions for each section to enable you to build skills, identify weaknesses and practice the principles that you have learned. In addition, every question comes with a fully worked solution. You can attempt the drills as many times as you like!

Everything you need to know about this section (formerly known as Section 1) of the UMAT, including tips, techniques, strategies, worked examples and advice.

Everything you need to know about this section (formerly known as Section 2) of the UMAT, including tips, techniques, strategies, worked examples and advice.

Everything you need to know about this section (formerly known as Section 3) of the UMAT, including tips, techniques, strategies, worked examples and advice.

A detailed guide with general strategies for the UMAT. This is an exam that is different to any other test you've ever sat, and requires particular strategies to do well including time management and quick thinking. We also cover commonly asked questions such as how to plan your preparation, and what to do on the day of the UMAT.

Explanatory step by step video guides with detailed descriptions, tips, strategies and techniques. These guides will help you tackle particular types of questions in Sections 1 and 3.

A fun word game to help familiarise you with typical words used in the Understanding People (Section 2) UMAT questions.

Our Learning Management System has exercises and tasks that help you develop the foundation skills required to tackle UMAT.

It includes hundreds of further hours of preparation and study – now all you have to do is find the time!

Some booklets of questions produced by ACER have answers, but no solutions.

By entering your answers into the LMS, you will be able to receive an indication of how you are performing in the form of percentiles for each section.

You will also be able to access detailed, fully-worked, high-quality solutions to these questions, written by experts.

You should not go into your interview unaware of the questions that you will be asked. This popular guide includes common questions and how to approach answering them, invaluable information on interview technique and advice on how to perform at your best in the interview. It is written by a team of experts on interview technique, students who have been successful in interviews and those who have been on interview panels.

A comprehensive, up-to-date, interactive guide on health science courses in Australia and New Zealand.

Contains information about selection procedures, admission requirements, prerequisites, quotas, course information and more!

A must for anyone serious about entering the course of their choice!

Eureka is a state-of-the-art computer preparation program created by MedEntry. Written by IT experts, the program provides access to a massive number of questions for all sections of UMAT. You are only limited by the time you have for preparation.

All questions come with fully worked solutions.

A fully detailed guide on the structure of the GAMSAT, how to best prepare for it and strategies on how to do well in the written communication component.

Ask questions, discuss issues and become involved in our online community with thousands of MedEntry students throughout the world.

Engage with other students, discuss difficult questions and make new friends! Our fully searchable learning forums are a great way to learn and interact with like-minded students.

Obtain access to a historical archive of students' impressions of past UMAT exams. There are hundreds of discussion threads and thousands of comments to look through.

The sheer volume of resources available on the Learning Management System can be overwhelming at first. That is why we developed the personalised study planner, allowing you to enter in your available dates and plan the available resources throughout the year until you sit the exam.

Manage your time efficiently with our online calendar where you can plan your UMAT learning timetable.

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