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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose MedEntry For Your Medical Interview Training


Medical interviews are a vital criterion for entry into medicine and dentistry. They can be as important, or in some cases more important, than UCAT and ATAR in determining entry. Therefore, it is vital that you prepare for your medical interview, and that you choose the right medical interview preparation provider. Here are three reasons why you should choose MedEntry.

1.  Unrivalled expertise

MedEntry has been helping students enter medicine in Australia and New Zealand for two decades. Over that period, we have developed an intricate, intimate and unrivalled understanding of medical interviews. We know exactly what each university is looking for, the types of questions that will arise, and how to succeed. No other medical interview preparation provider can offer such expertise.

2.  Outstanding teachers

All MedEntry Medical Interview Training days are run by doctors and academics. They have all helped thousands of students to prepare for interviews, and gain admission into medicine and dentistry. Furthermore, they have been on medical interview selection panels themselves. MedEntry’s teachers will impart their inside knowledge of medical interviews in a highly engaging, fun and interactive manner.

3.  Targeted and effective

MedEntry’s Medical Interview training sessions are targeted to the university and course to which you have received an offer. This will enable you to have an in-depth knowledge of the specific types of questions that you will face. You will learn how to present yourself positively, to how to formulate a memorable answer, and how to convey your passions and unique qualities. You will also participate in mock interviews to put your skills to the test, and you will receive feedback on your performance to help you improve.

MedEntry’s Medical Interview Training sessions are highly sought after and book out, so enrol now to secure your place!

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