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5 UCAT Subtest Mocks for Each UCAT Section!


MedEntry’s UCAT preparation program really is comprehensive. It covers everything you need for UCAT success.

All students obtain access to the following UCAT preparation resources:

  • 10 full length UCAT practice exams (with an option to add a further 5 UCAT exams)
  • 5 subtest mocks for each of the UCAT subtests (Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement)
  • Drills covering each question type

Subtest mocks allow you to practice answering questions within UCAT time limits, without having to commit a full 2 hours to complete a UCAT practice exam.

They can be used to hone your skills, work on your weakest UCAT subtests, and practice your timing strategy.

As with all of MedEntry’s resources, UCAT subtest mocks are delivered via a simulated online platform which exactly replicates UCAT. You can also re-attempt incorrectly answered UCAT questions, review detailed solutions and easily track your performance.

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