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Are UMAT and HPAT fair tests?

Every year, debates continue to rage about UMAT/HPAT.  Is it fair? Is it biased? Is it an achivement test or an aptitude test? Is it good? Is it evil? Does it measure intelligence? Does it measure anything? Does it measure how well you will do in medical school? Does it predict whether you will be a ‘good’ doctor?

When a test of similar nature was introduced in the USA in 1926 debates raged on for decades. It is now accepted as a necessary part of university selection criteria.

These questions come up every year for one good reason: Nobody can answer them. But there is one thing that UMAT does predict accurately: that is your skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, abstract reasoning and ability to ‘read’ people. These skills are essential to be successful in any profession.

MedEntry UMAT and HPAT preparation courses help you develop the skills required to ace these tests.


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