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UCAT Preparation: Bookmark feature


As part of MedEntry’s commitment to provide students with personalised and effective UCAT preparation, a bookmark feature has been added to the online learning platform. This will enable students to easily save UCAT questions, UCAT guides and other resources that they find particularly useful or difficult. Students can easily return to these UCAT resources at a later stage to review them in more detail. This blog outlines how the UCAT bookmark feature works.

Drills and Exams

Once a drill or exam attempt is completed and during the review process, a UCAT question can be bookmarked, as shown below:


In the review screen, you will be able to see which UCAT questions are bookmarked (indicated with a star):


Note that this function is different to flagging UCAT questions for review, which occurs during the actual attempt. Flags cannot be changed after completing a UCAT exam or drill, as is the case in the live UCAT.

To access your bookmarked questions, click on the bookmark icon on the top right of your UCAT LMS screen:

On the page that is displayed you can see a basic summary of the UCAT question. If you click ‘Go to quiz’, you will enter the relevant UCAT exam or drill and see the question and solution:

We suggest that you bookmark any UCAT questions that you find particularly difficult, which illustrate an important UCAT strategy or that you think would be useful to discuss in your UCAT study group or with your UCAT tutor.


To bookmark a question in the Eureka UCAT question bank, simply select the bookmark icon:

The question will appear on the UCAT bookmarks page under the Eureka category.


To bookmark a UCAT guide, click on the ‘Add guide to favourites’ button:

We suggest that you bookmark UCAT guides that you find particularly helpful, or guides that address UCAT question types that you find most difficult.

Note that you will also find instructions (including screenshots) on how to bookmark UCAT questions and UCAT guides on the bookmark page of the LMS.

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