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Doesn’t the UMAT just measure “test-taking skills”?

Unfortunately, some UMAT prep courses try to convince students that taking the UMAT has noth­ing to do with real academic skills. They prefer you to believe that it’s all about their test-taking “secrets.” This is great marketing for them, but little help for you. Although there are a few basic test-taking skills that you should know about—process of elimina­tion, intelligent guessing and checking, testing choices, and so on—these can be learned easily in a day, and don’t earn you too many points on the UMAT. So what does get you big score improve­ments? In the MedEntry UMAT prep, you will be trained on essential skills including focused concept review and intelligent reasoning skills.

Some UMAT prep courses portray the UMAT as a scary and meaningless test. They claim the UMAT can be “cracked” by simply memorising their test-taking gimmicks. These scare tactics frighten a lot of students into those UMAT-prep courses, but they are not true. Of course, it’s tempting to believe that the UMAT is easy to crack, but do you really think that medical schools would have been using the UMAT for so long (nearly 20 years) if it were a joke? Because the skills that UMAT tests are seen as valid and reliable, other countries have started using UMAT: New Zealand and Ireland for example.

Real success on the UMAT takes hard work and the right attitude. Treating the UMAT like a joke is defi­nitely not the right attitude. Despite what some UMAT prep courses say, the UMAT isn’t written by a monopoly of sadists who hate students and want to make medical school admissions as arduous as possible. At MedEntry UMAT Prep, you will undergo a series of thorough training to cultivate the necessary skills and right attitude to face the UMAT.


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