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Five tips for how to survive when you arrive in the UMAT Exam Venue


So with all things going well you’ve arrived at the UMAT exam venue with plenty of time and well rested, ready to put all the knowledge you’ve gained from MedEntry to use. However, now you have to make it through the last short while before you sit down and start the UMAT test. Here’s five tips to help you survive.

  • Go to the bathroom. Make sure you head to the loo not long before you are due to start the UMAT because the last thing you need is to have to take a bathroom break in an already time constraining exam. Remember that everyone will have the same idea as you, so be prepared to queue.
  • Get some fuel into you. The UMAT is going to be seriously mentally draining so even if you’ve head a good complex carb breakfast you’re going to need something to keep you going for the next few hours. Have a banana, a flapjack or some form of slow release energy food.
  • Ignore the BS. You’re going to be bombarded with people talking about what they have and haven’t done, their strong points and their weak points, their percentile on their last UMAT practice test, their predicted percentile – ignore it all. You only need to focus on you in the now and how all the work you have put in up until now with MedEntry is going to help you push through this exam.
  • Go through your UMAT timings. Double check you know your timings for each question and construct/section, and make sure your watch is working.
  • Grab your clear plastic bag with pencils, rubbers, sharpener etc, your id, take a deep breath and make your way in.

Adapted from a MedEntry blog written by Anna, who got 100 percentile in HPAT (Similar exam held in Ireland) and is studying medicine at Trinity College, Dublin.

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