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Free UMAT Sample Questions 2

The following is an example of a question you may expect in section 2 of the UMAT:

Two Afghani women, Miriam and Laila, are married to the same abusive husband. Miriam is the older wife, and has just given some baby clothes to Laila.

“Thank you, the clothes are lovely.” Laila said.

“I had no use for them,” Mariam muttered. She dropped the fish on a newspaper smudged with slimy, gray juice and sliced off its head. “It was either your daughter or the moths.”

“Where did you learn to clean fish like that?”

When I was a little girl, I lived by a stream. I used to catch my own fish.”

“I’ve never fished.”

“Not much to it. It’s mostly waiting.”

Lalia watched her cut the gutted trout into thirds. “Did you sew the clothes yourself?”

Miriam nodded.


“When I was pregnant the first time. Or maybe the second time. Eighteen, nineteen years ago. Long time, anyhow. Like I said, I never had any use for them.

Which option best describes Miriam’s demeanour towards Laila?

(A) Warm and talkative

(B) Annoyed

(C) Intimidated and shy

(D) Reserved and unengaging

Try this question yourself first and check how long it took you to solve it, then look at the solution given below:

The best option is D. Miriam is clearly not warm or talkative, as she does not wish to receive the compliments given or ask Laila any questions. While she does not seem eager to talk to Laila, there is no clear indication of annoyance. Feelings of intimidation or shyness should not be assumed, although they seem appropriate given her reserved demeanour and lack of engagement. From the passage we can only conclude she is reserved and unengaging.

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