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UCAT is the single most difficult and important test you will sit in your medical or dental career. It is therefore vital that you choose the right UCAT Course. This blog outlines what you should look for when choosing a UCAT Course.

Is the UCAT course run by doctors?

Given UCAT assesses the skills required to be a doctor, it makes sense that your chosen UCAT Course should be run by doctors. Doctors understand the thinking skills and approach necessary to perform well in UCAT. This is particularly true of the Situational Judgement subtest, which is scored by doctors and health professionals.

Unfortunately, most UCAT Courses are not run by doctors or health professionals. Most are run by people with absolutely no medical knowledge at all!

MedEntry’s team is comprised of doctors and medical specialists who will one day be your colleagues.

Is the UCAT course run by academics?

An effective teacher inspires, motivates and makes learning fun. It is vital that your chosen UCAT Course is run by academics who are experienced in teaching UCAT.

Unfortunately, most UCAT Courses are not run by academics, or even teachers! Most UCAT Courses are run by people with no teaching degree and very little teaching experience.

All of MedEntry’s UCAT Courses are run by academics with extensive teaching experience. In fact, MedEntry’s two day UCAT Courses have become famous over the years for being fun, interactive, powerful and effective.

Is the UCAT course run by psychometricians?

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to UCAT. It is vital that your chosen UCAT Course has an extensive and fundamental understanding of aptitude tests, including how they are designed and scored. There is a lot of theory behind such tests, which are only known to psychometricians.

Most UCAT courses are run by people with a very superficial understanding of UCAT. MedEntry’s team is made up of psychometricians with decades of experience in aptitude testing and an in depth understanding of UCAT.

What is the philosophy of the UCAT Course?

When choosing a UCAT Course, it is important to consider the philosophy behind the organisation. What is that organisation seeking to do?

Most UCAT courses aim to provide students with practice questions and strategies for UCAT. And that is it.

MedEntry’s goal is much broader: to provide students with the skills required to succeed in life, not just in UCAT. MedEntry’s UCAT Courses are education for life.

Are UCAT questions provided via a UCAT simulated platform?

UCAT is a computer-based test. It is very different to the pen and paper based tests of school and university. It is therefore important that students have a close familiarity with the functions of the UCAT platform, including keyboard shortcuts, the calculator, flagging and the review screen. Your chosen UCAT course must provide questions via a simulated UCAT platform.

Many UCAT courses do not provide questions via an accurate UCAT simulated platform. Some even provide questions on paper!

Every single one of the thousands of questions provided in the MedEntry UCAT Course are displayed on a simulated UCAT Platform that exactly simulates the live UCAT.

Are UCAT questions provided via an external organisation?

It is not easy to create UCAT questions that exactly simulate the live UCAT. Doing so requires an in-depth understanding of UCAT and aptitude testing theory. It is important that your chosen UCAT Course is experienced in creating original UCAT questions.

Unfortunately, most UCAT providers have partnered with an external organisation to provide UCAT questions. The questions are not original and there is no guarantee of quality.

MedEntry’s team is made up of experienced question writers and psychometricians that understand the complex theory behind UCAT question development and creation. All of MedEntry’s questions are original. We do not partner with external organisations with an unknown background. We are completely accountable for our questions and have a commitment to excellence.

Enrol in a MedEntry UCAT Course. We’re famous for a reason!


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