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Timing is of the essence in UCAT. If you were given sufficient time to answer UCAT questions, the majority of students would perform very well. However, the UCAT Consortium intentionally gives students insufficient time to answer UCAT questions, in order to distinguish the top UCAT candidates from the rest.

Because timing is so important, MedEntry has developed a UCAT ‘Timing Trainer’ feature to help you improve your timing. This feature can be used in all UCAT Drills and UCAT Subtest Mocks.

The Timing Trainer displays how long you have spent on a UCAT question (or unit of questions), in comparison to the recommended time for questions in the UCAT subtest (calculated as: the time allowed for the UCAT subtest ÷ no. of UCAT questions in the subtest).

To launch the UCAT Timing Trainer, click ‘Enable Timing Trainer’, which can be found in the top bar during Drill and UCAT Subtest Mock attempts:


Once the Timing Trainer has been enabled, it will appear in the top bar:


As you spend more time on the UCAT question, the horizontal bar will continue to fill, and the time indicator will become red when you have exceeded the recommended time:


When attempting a unit containing multiple UCAT questions, the bar will be split into multiple sections, showing the time you have spent on each UCAT question:


Typically, more time will be recommended for the first UCAT question in a unit, as you will need to familiarise yourself with the stimulus. The portion of time allocated to the first UCAT question in a unit is determined based on the average time other MedEntry students spent on that first UCAT question.

Once you have completed a Drill or UCAT Subtest mock attempt, you will be able to see the Timing Trainer while reviewing your UCAT questions. The Timing Trainer will show you how long you spent on each UCAT question (in red if you took longer than the recommended time):


This is in addition to the other information about your timing, found below each UCAT question’s answer explanation:


Note: if you have specified that you are eligible for the UCATSEN timing allowance, the Timing Trainer will automatically increase the recommended time per UCAT question.

Just another way MedEntry is helping students ace the UCAT.

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