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In UMAT, Do Not “Read into” Things!

Warning, Warning, Warning! Do Not “Read into” Things in UMAT

One of the most dangerous traps smart students fall into while reading the UMAT passages is ‘reading into’ things. You should re-read in the context of what you’ve learned about the reading passage—you do not want to interpret what a passage says, or make any subtle assumptions. Restraining yourself from making unwarranted “leaps” on the passages may be something you must consciously remind yourself to do in Section 1.

There’s a big difference between drawing a valid inference, and making an unwarranted assumption. Watch your step! For example, if a passage says that a university social committee invited a famous writer to speak at a conference, you can conclude that the committee felt that the writer was an appropriate choice for the conference—but you cannot conclude, say, that the committee admired the author’s works.

In the MedEntry UMAT coaching course, you will learn how to make the distinction between drawing a valid inference and making an unwarranted assumption.

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