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Interim UCAT ANZ 2019 Test Statistics Released!


UCAT ANZ 2019 summary statistics have been released, which will help students to interpret their UCAT scores.

The UCAT data is available at:

This UCAT data shows that:

  • Students who achieved an overall scaled score of 2830 were in the 90th percentile, which is generally required for entry into standard undergraduate medical degrees (scores required are lower for dentistry, rural students, local students, bonded students and those with very high ATARs)
  • The maximum UCAT ANZ 2019 scaled score (cognitive subtests) was 3530
  • The mean UCAT ANZ 2019 scaled score (cognitive subtests) was 2481
  • The maximum Situational Judgement score was 759 and the mean was 592

MedEntry has developed a UCAT score percentile calculator that will help you to convert your scaled scores into an estimated percentile ranking. You can find it here:

Full statistics relating to performance in UCAT ANZ 2019 will be released in September. Stay tuned for more blogs on how to interpret your UCAT score!

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