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MedEntry has a new-look Learning Management System


The LMS has a fresh new look and it is even more user-friendly than before!

When you log in you will see that we have made it even easier to access all those awesome UMAT resources on the LMS.

Put simply, you can select to either Learn, Practice, Check or Get Help.

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Learn..............instant access to the MedEntry guides, forums and extra skills development module

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Practice..........instant access to the many thousands of UMAT practice questions in their various forms

Figure6_ExamInProgress.png b2ap3_thumbnail_Figure7_ExamReview.png b2ap3_thumbnail_Figure8_Drills.png b2ap3_thumbnail_Figure9_Eureka.png

Check............instant access to see how you are progressing

b2ap3_thumbnail_Figure10_ExamsProgress.png b2ap3_thumbnail_Figure11_DrillsProgress.png b2ap3_thumbnail_Figure12_DrillsProgressDetailed.png b2ap3_thumbnail_FIgure13_ACERSolutions.png

Get Help.........instant access to help you use the LMS, with comprehensive FAQs


There is now more information displayed on the page that you are working on, and that information is more clearly clearly laid out.

The pages are more aesthetically pleasing, so as a result you can focus only on what is important to you.

Our drills and exams have graphs allowing you to compare your results to that of other students.

Everything you need is there at your fingertips with our new uncomplicated interface.

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