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New LMS Exam Report Card


After completing a practice exam on the MedEntry Learning Management System (LMS), you will now be able to view/print a detailed report on your exam performance in comparison to other MedEntry students.

The report can be accessed by clicking the "View Report Card" link on the exam attempt solutions page, or under "View Solutions" on the exam summary page:

Some of the details in this report include:

  • Your overall exam grade and percentile ranking, in comparison to other MedEntry students
  • Your grade and percentile ranking for each of the exam constructs (Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People, and Non-verbal Reasoning).
  • Details on your responses for each question type:

  • Advice and recommendations based on your practice exam score.
  • Links to UMAT guides and drills on the LMS to continue your practice.
  • A link to retry the questions that were answered incorrectly in this exam attempt.
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