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New LMS Features


We have recently added a series of new features to the LMS! Some of these are outlined below.


Favourite Questions/Guides

You can now bookmark any practice question on the LMS (in exams, drills or the Eureka! Question Bank) for quick access in the future!

Simply click on the "Add to favourites" button found next to each question, as shown below:



Eureka! Question Bank:



You can also bookmark any of our guides, by clicking on the button at the top of each guide:


How to view your bookmarked favourites:

To view your bookmarked questions and guides, simply click on this icon found in the top right of every page on the LMS: 


From the bookmarks page, you can easily continue or review a bookmarked question, or open a bookmarked guide.


Drill Question Timers

All drills in the LMS now display countdown timers, based on the recommended amount of time to spend on the particular question type (Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People, or Non-verbal Reasoning). You can still continue a question once the timer has counted down.

To customise the default amount of time for each question type, or to disable this feature, simply click on "Timer/Colour Settings", and customise each section's time, or turn the timer off, and click the "Save changes" button.


Exam timers and section colourisation settings

Practice exams now also contain the ability to hide the countdown timer (note that if the timer has finished, you can still continue the exam).

To disable the timer feature, simply click on the "Timer/Colour Settings" link, turn off the exam timer, and click "Save changes".

You can now also disable the colourisation of individual exam question links, by toggling the "Exam Section Colourisation On/Off" option in the "Timer/Colour Settings" window.


Guides Progress

When viewing the list of UMAT or HPAT guides, you can now easily determine which guides you have not yet read.

  indicates that you have viewed all parts of a particular guide

indicates that you have viewed only some sections of a particular guide

If you have not yet viewed any part of a particular guide, no icon will be displayed.


New Feature! Retry your incorrect exam questions

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