Want 5 extra exams free? Make a meme related to UCAT – and the best entry each week will receive 5 extra UCAT exams free!

Each week has a theme which is related to UCAT and UCAT preparation. This week’s theme is:

Difficulty of UCAT

MedEntry students can access the Meme of the Week feature and submit memes on the Community page of the online platform. Students can also like and comment on memes submitted by other students.

We encourage students to generate and submit a meme, and the student with the best submission each week will be provided with 5 extra exams free. If you already have MedEntry’s 5 extra UCAT exams, this part of your package will be refunded.

The Meme of the Week feature can be found on the Community page of the LMS:

On the Meme of the Week page, you will see the entries for the current week, and all previous weeks:

You can submit a meme by following the instructions:

This feature is available for MedEntry students only.

So what are you waiting for? Get Meme-ing!

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