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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: the key for UMAT success.

UMAT: a multiple guess or multiple choice test? You choose.


A university lecturer of mine, once made the comment prior to us all about to sit an exam, that he would cry if we didn’t answer every question because: ‘guys, it’s a multiple choice paper, so even a monkey could get one in every four questions right’.  Although I’ve never personally seen a monkey sit the UMAT exam, statistically speaking, it was a fair point to make, and for the record: not one student failed that paper.


Why prepare for the UMAT or do UMAT preparation courses?

To truly succeed in the UMAT and get top tier results you need to prepare. Because the UMAT does not test any specific area of knowledge, the most effective way to prepare for the test is by developing those skill sets required to answer the 3 different area constructs. No matter how tedious this may be, the only way to do so is by doing practice paper, after practice paper, after practice paper. MedEntry provides a free sample UMAT with worked answers that offers a great starting point for  your UMAT revision.


When should I start preparing for the UMAT?

Preparation should begin as early as possible because you need to develop a new set of reasoning skills; you simply cannot learn new ways of thinking the night before. MedEntry allows you to begin preparation for the UMAT up to one year in advance to ensure you are sufficiently prepared for the UMAT exam.  Further, by preparing earlier you will feel more confident when exam time comes and be in a better state of mind when you are sitting the actual exam.


Does the quality of UMAT practice papers I do really matter?

The quality of the UMAT practice tests you use in your preparation for the UMAT is imperative to your own preparation and consequent success. These practice papers need to be reliable and up-to-date as the format of the UMAT can change slightly from year to year.  Be forewarned that the format of the UMAT is different in 2013 and thus the practice papers you complete need to reflect these changes.


It may be clichéd, but there is no denying that failure to prepare is preparation for failure.

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