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Sample MMI question: A Contemporary Issue Scenario



Vaccinations are an important part of an individual’s immunity and keeping a community safe from disease. It is ideal that all children get immunized at the appropriate age to prevent contraction of preventable diseases. However, there are some in Australia that oppose vaccination. They argue the harm of vaccinations outweigh the benefits, and the lack of freedom of choice in how their children should be raised. Their claims often have no scientific basis, and create unnecessary fear in society. You are on the advisory board of the Australian Government looking to change the laws on how to deal with improving vaccination rates of Australia. 


  1. What would you do to persuade individuals who believe compulsory vaccination is against their freedom of choice in raising their children, and that vaccinations will do their children more harm than good? (eg: vaccinations will cause Autism)
  2. Current laws make vaccinations a legal requirement, such that child and youth welfare payments should will only be made to children who are up to date with their vaccinations. Do you agree? Do you believe this will increase the vaccination rates of Australia?
  3. Should parents who choose not to vaccinate their children be punished by the law?
  4. What do you think is the best way to raise awareness and increase vaccination rates in Australia?
  5. There are various ‘anti-vaccination’ groups that publicly promote the ‘dangers’ of vaccines. Should the government intervene to curb their activities? 

Candidates will be marked out of 25. Each question is out of 5 marks. (5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = satisfactory, 2 = Poor, 1 = unsatisfactory)

Aim of the MMI question: 

It aims to get candidates thinking about current vaccination issues. It challenges them to think about the issues regarding vaccinations for both pro- and anti-vaccine supporters. It requires answers of a scientific background to support the points they make. It aims to explore the consequences of non-vaccination. This is a current issue that plagues the media, GP clinics and academics. Candidates should aim to come to conclusion that deals with the issue in a firm, but reasonable manner. 

A Good MMI Interviewee would: 

  1. Seek to establish the facts to ensure fairness.
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of the situation from a range of perspectives.
  3. Be able to justify how he or she would balance conflicting interests.
  4. Appreciate the need for students to consider the consequences of personal behaviours.
  5. Be able to draw lessons from the experience to inform future learning

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